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How Often Should Furnace Be Cleaned?

How often should a furnace be cleanedWe are all busy and forget how important it can be to clean your HVAC system.


We tend to fixate on our furnace or boiler when they have problems, not preventing them. It is essential to clean your furnace regularly to avoid problems. 


Many people wonder how often to clean the furnace. At least once a year, you should have your furnace cleaned and maintained. The frequency of cleaning your furnace depends on whether you have children or pets.


It would help if you also considered the age of your heating system. Older furnaces require regular maintenance and inspections. Most HVAC professionals recommend that homeowners clean the furnace at least once a year.

How can one tell if the furnace needs cleaning? 

It will be a shock to discover that your furnace is no longer working. Below are the signs that your furnace needs cleaning before the problem worsens.


Dust Buildup

If not cleaned frequently, your home furnishings can get filthy over time. Furnaces are no exception. Let’s say your furnace has accumulated hair and dirt. An accumulation of hair in your heating system signifies that your furnace needs cleaning to avoid more severe problems.

Avoid Loud Noises

We have discussed cleaning your furnace every year to prevent furnace problems. But, if dirt and debris buildup before the time is up, it could cause problems. If this happens, it is vital to get your furnace cleaned immediately. Your furnace may make loud sounds if clogged with dirt.

Dirty Vents & Filters

Also, clean the vents from the outside. The air filters are another essential component of your furnace that you should inspect often. Perhaps the ductwork. 

Replace the filter if clogged with debris and dust. Then, check it every month.

If your furnace system is clogging up quickly with dirt and debris, you need to clean it.


High Energy Bills 

Many people wonder why their energy bills are so high, even though the furnace isn’t working as often as it should. A dirty furnace will make it harder to heat your home.


The furnace that produces yellow flames 

Blue flames are the norm for furnaces. If the gas and oxygen mixture is incorrect, your furnace may produce yellow or slightly yellow flames. If your furnace emits yellow or orange flames, the flame sensor is likely dirty or a dirty furnace burner.

Short cycling can occur when the flame sensor of your furnace becomes dirty. A dirty flame sensor could turn your furnace off and on again, which is something you want to avoid. If you have yellow flames, your furnace requires a good cleaning.

Is Cleaning Your Furnace Worth It? 

How often should a furnace be cleaned? The furnace’s performance will determine the frequency of cleaning. We recommend cleaning the furnace once per year. Your HVAC system, including the furnace, can be cleaned to save money and keep you and your family safe.

Cleaning your furnace will help you avoid furnace failure and save money on repair costs. Every year, clean your furnace to remove any dirt and debris accumulated.


Additionally, cleaning your furnace can give an HVAC professional an indication of potential furnace problems.

Regular maintenance and cleaning improve your furnace’s energy efficiency. It also extends the life expectancy of your heating system.


You can also avoid dangerous situations by cleaning your furnace at home. When the heat exchanger cracks or pipes burst, dangerous gas leakage may occur. Your furnace may overwork due to cracks that develop from dirt and debris in your air filter.


How long does furnace cleaning take? 

A professional furnace cleaning job can take up to two hours. It all depends on how big your house is and the condition of the furnace. It involves:

  • Inspect and clean your furnace’s heat exchanger for any cracks or blocking.
  • Air filter replacement and checking
  • Ensure that all furnace safety controls work correctly.
  • Inspection and cleaning of furnace pipes
  • A general assessment of the furnace’s condition.


Summary: How Often Should Furnace Be Cleaned?

How often should the furnace be cleaned? We recommend that homeowners service furnaces annually to ensure proper operation and a longer life span.

Regular furnace maintenance will ensure your family is safe and comfortable, and you won’t have furnace problems for a long time.