How often to clean ducts?  Being passageways for air, we have to make sure that the ductwork is properly functioning and clean. Clean ducts mean that the air we breathe is clean. In contrast, if the ducts are dirty, we breathe in contaminated air. Although we depend on clean indoor air, many homeowners do not clean the ducts. Cleaning the ductwork is as essential as cleaning the furnace and inspecting the heating system.

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When Do I Clean the Ducts?

When to clean is very different from how often to clean. When to clean them depends on their condition. The ducts and vents might be harbouring dust and debris that contaminate the air in the house. Now, there are different circumstances that we need to clean the ducts. We will look at each of them to understand the importance before seeing how often we should carry out the cleaning processes. 

When moving or change to a new home 

When you move to a new home, it is advisable to clean the ducts right away. Unless the ducts were cleaning in the past 12 months, cleaning the ductwork is especially important if the previous owner was a smoker or pet owner. If you’re not sure whether to have the duct cleaned, consult an HVAC expert. 

When there are visible signs that the duct is dirty 

Contaminated ductwork would have visible signs such as excessive dust coming from the vents. Whenever you see this, it is crucial to clean the ducts. It means that it is contaminated inside, which is a colossal risk for the respiratory health of the users of the house over time. Cleaning such a duct would restore clean air circulation in the home. They, however, take some time to show, which means that ducts don’t get that dirty over a short period. However, whenever there are such signs, be sure to have it cleaned.

Surrounding Insects

When insects surround the ducts, this usually means that the insects have made themselves a home in the ducts. However, if you are unsure, the best thing to do is to monitor the system’s performance for some days before getting back to decide whether the effect is worth cleaning the ducts. Insects and vermin can have a significant impact on the general performance of the system. Cleaning them would be the best chance to get rid of them from around the house and maybe inside. 

How Often to Clean the Ducts? 

You do not have to clean every year. It takes time for them to get contaminated. How often we clean them depends on factors such as whether pets live in the home. We advise that you clean them every 3-5 years.   

Cleaning ducts 

Cleaning ducts is a considerable task that requires an expert — not a scam artist. It usually involves specialized that are difficult to use. Clean ducts promote stable respiratory health. With contaminated ducts, it is possible to have allergy-like or asthmatic symptoms. 

Final Word: How Often to Clean Ducts

The question of how often to clean ducts has always been a big question which needs a big answer. What makes it significant is its importance against how difficult it is to note or work on them. A contaminated duct, as we have seen, puts the family in danger of getting allergic reactions. Therefore, the best thing to do is to find out very regularly if the duct needs to be cleaned and call in an expert. The experts would clean the ducts when necessary and maybe advise you on how long it should take before getting them back for cleaning the ducts. However, being an essential part of respiratory health indoors, we have to make sure that they are clean at all times.