To ensure the efficiency of your central air conditioner, it is imperative that you replace or clean the filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow and hence, significantly reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the air conditioner. Below we discuss how to clean AC filter

There are very many kinds of AC filters today. Most of them are disposable, but we can now acquire washable AC filters thanks to related efficiencies and technology. Based on these new efficiencies, this might be a good time for you to upgrade to washable filters

Why It Is Necessary To Clean Your AC Filter 

Less dust and allergens 

Better model efficiency that results in slightly low energy costs. As you know, dirty filters in your AC unit make the unit work harder, resulting in the unit becoming less efficient. At this stage, the operation cost of the unit is high. 

For those asking how to clean an AC filter and why it is necessary, you should be aware that clean filters prong your AC unit’s life. You should be aware that if your unit works very hard, then there is a good chance the unit might overheat and get damaged. 

AC Filter Types 

Disposable filters

You cannot wash disposable filters. Manufactured from cardboard or paper, you replace them with new filters when they get dirty. Most homeowners purchase disposable AC filters in bulk to get the best price. 

Washable filters 

Washable AC filters, if properly maintained, last for many years. Some of the reusable AC filters are slightly more expensive but durable. They are less efficient than disposable AC filters as they cannot capture and contain tiny particles. Thus, washable filters may not be preferable if you suffer from allergies. 

Most of the filters enhance air friction that in turn produces electrostatic cling of which traps particles. Suppose you have opted to switch from disposable AC filters to reusable AC filters. In that case, you have to make sure that you acquire the highest rating in the Merv filter scheme. Suppose you want to replace the AC filter. In that case, you mustn’t throw away the packaging as it comes with crucial information about the product purchased and how to clean it. Knowing the AC filter type bought and the expected duration of getting it washed might do the trick. 

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How to Clean AC Filter

Switch off the AC unit 

Switching off the AC unit helps to ensure that no dirty air is circulating your place while washing the AC filter. 

Remove the AC filter 

Always be sure in checking all the vents as some units have many AC filters. 

Vacuum the AC filter 

To remove dust and allergens from the AC filter, vacuum the air filters using a hand vacuum. Use a microfiber cloth at the frame to clean off the dust accumulated. Getting and cleaning the sediment and anything other loose aids the next step 

washable home ac filter Wash the AC filters 

Indoors in a sink and outdoors using a hosepipe, ensure that you have thoroughly rinsed the AC filters and hang them to dry. If you want to clean the AC filters deep, you can soak them in a bin; part one with warm water and part two with white vinegar, and finally, rinse thoroughly by using a hose. You should be aware that you are not supposed to wash the AC filters with pressurized systems, for example, a pressurized hose, as they are too delicate. 

Reinstall the AC filter 

Check whether the dried AC filter has got some perforations or any dirt left that was not properly washed or rather rips on the filter material. If the AC filter is good to go, re-insert it in the AC unit. Check the packaging and tick on your calendar the expiry date of the filter to be sure when to replace it entirely.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean AC Filter

For an air conditioner to operate effectively and efficiently, you must adequately maintain the AC’s filters, coils, and fins. There are disposable and washable filters. For less dust and allergens, the disposable filter is your choice. However, for longevity, washable filters are preferable.