Central air conditioner not working? It is crucial to have a central air conditioning system that operates without hitches when summer arrives. But even the best AC systems can experience issues from time to time. Is your air conditioner not cooling properly? Don’t stress. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals at Furnace Repair Toronto can find any issues your AC is experiencing and get it up and running in no time. 

Here is an AC troubleshooting list you can use to identify the most common problems that air conditioner systems experience, such as AC not cooling, along with identifying solutions. 

Watch this video for the top 10 central air conditioner problems.

AC No Longer Cooling

My Air Conditioner Won’t Blow Cold Air.

When your AC system is still turning on but not blowing cold air, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the vents are all open.
  • Adjust your thermostat setting. 
  • Check your air filter. If clogged with debris or dirt, it will restrict the airflow. The frost and ice will also limit the airflow if the evaporator coils start freezing due to the clog. If the filter is dirty, use water, mild soap, and a soft brush to clean the filter.
  • Check the fan motor or the fan. If the fan is turning easily, there might be a leak in your refrigerant, or there may be a problem getting electricity to your motor. When this seems to be the case, it is best to contact a qualified and experienced HVAC technician to inspect your unit. 

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Why Is My Central AC Not Cooling Enough?

The first step involves checking all the vents to ensure they are open. It will be challenging to cool your house even when only one is closed since warm air coming from the area with a closed vent starts mixing with cooled air coming from other rooms. 

Leak in the refrigerant line. If a technician did not install the system properly or it is old, it could be worn down or might be too big or small for your house. When the system is too large, it will cycle off and on too quickly, lowering its efficiency. If the system is too small, it will have to work a lot harder to make sure your home is cool enough, resulting in a premature breakdown. 

My Central Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

AC Leaking Water Inside

If your AC is leaking water inside your house, switch it off to avoid expensive water damage. The condensate drain line may be clogged, which will cause water to start backing up in your home. Some DIYers may try a wet/dry vacuum to unblock the line. If the vacuum doesn’t work, check the drain pan (it could be rusty), or the condensate pump might have stopped working. An AC technician can repair or replace these damaged parts. 

Central AC Leaking Water Outside 

It is customary to notice small water puddles under a condenser unit on humid or hot days. It should only form in humid or hot weather while your unit is working. In cooler weather, usually, 15 degrees or lower, your AC may freeze up, which can cause your unit to start leaking water once it melts. If the unit is leaking for any other reason, try replacing or cleaning the air filters. If this does not fix the issue, contact a service technician. There may be insufficient refrigerant, a broken condensate pan, or a blocked drainpipe. 

Air Conditioner Leaking Water When Switched Off

If the system has dirty filters or the refrigerant levels are low, it might freeze up while it is working. Once you turn it off, the ice that melts may cause the system to start leaking water. It is best to avoid water damage caused by the AC leaking water onto your ceiling or floor. If, after cleaning the filters, the unit continues to leak, hire a contractor to repair the issue before turning on the unit. Your unit may have a broken condensate pan or a blockage that is common with an outside leak. 

Why Won’t My Central Air Conditioner Turn Off

AC Won’t Stop Running.

If your Ac system stays on longer than usual, the filter may be dirty. Replace or clean the filter to assess whether this solves the situation. If the system is improperly sized or is getting older, it could be causing your system to overwork and cycle too frequently, which can cause difficulties when shutting off. Other issues that might be causing an AC to run constantly include:

  • The fan relay is stuck
  • A short in the thermostat cable
  • A malfunctioning thermostat

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn On

When your AC system doesn’t turn on, you might need to adjust the thermostat. Call an HVAC technician if this doesn’t work as the system might need replacing or repairs. 

Watch this video to learn the most common reasons why an air conditioner won’t turn on and how to fix.


My Air Conditioner Fan Is Not Working

AC Fan No Longer Working Inside

When the indoor fan is no longer working:

  • Ensure that the breaker did not trip.
  • Check the air filter for blockages and fix if necessary. 
  • Inspect refrigerant lines and evaporator coil for a build-up of ice. Once the ice has melted, make sure the fan is working. If the fan has stopped working, it may have been why the coil is freezing. Frozen coils will require the services of an HVAC technician to replace the contacts in the fan belt, the fan relay, or the motor. 

AC Fan No Longer Working Outside 

Check on the outdoor unit when your air conditioner is not cooling correctly. Check your fuse box or breaker when your outdoor fan is no longer spinning. 

If a reset has not solved the issue, there might be other problems with the system. 

– Start Capacitor Is Not Working

If the compressor still works, the start capacitor or the motor in the fan might have stopped working. To troubleshoot this part:

  1. Push your fan using a stick (wooden).
  2. Avoid using your fingers as you could cut yourself if the fan starts spinning. If this doesn’t work, call a reliable local technician.
  3. Turn the unit off until they arrive.

The compressor may burn out if you don’t, which is a very costly repair. 

– Outside Fan Motor Stuck

Rust or dirt may cause problems with the fan. If your unit requires extensive repairs, the outdoor fan motor might need replacing or repairs. 

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After a technician repairs your AC system, we suggest scheduling an annual inspection or maintenance checkups with Furnace Repair Toronto. With regular services, your AC system will provide a longer service life, work more efficiently while keeping your energy bills down.  

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