As is the case with seasonal products, a debate still rages on about the best time to replace central air conditioner. Should you install your unit during summer when you’re using it the most? Is it better to wait until winter to enjoy lower prices following a drop in demand? After all, not many people will be installing an AC when the temperature outside is cold.

In truth, however, winter and summer are not the best time to buy and install your HVAC system.

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Don’t Replace Central Air Conditioner in Winter or Summer 

While you will not turn on your AC when temperatures are at a freezing point, winter still proves to be a busy month for furnace sales and repairs

The winter months see HVAC companies busy with a rise in demand for furnace repairs and replacements. As such, some homeowners will take the opportunity to reduce their delivery and installation charges by installing a new AC along with their heating system.

And when the temperature begins to rise once again, you’ll find it challenging to find a good deal – the supply and demand causes the prices to remain consistently high during winter. Bargains, on the other hand, are hard to find.

Installing a central air conditioner – watch a complete outdoor air conditioner installation in the video below:

The Off-season: Working Opposite The Market

So, when can you get an AC bargain, if not in the winter or summer? The off-season, of course! Like any other product, you can expect a good deal when the demand is low. For ACs, that’s during autumn and spring.

The weather is cool enough for people to turn their ACs on from March to May. Hence they’re not thinking of replacing their AC units. On the other hand, it’s warm enough for people to run their furnaces full time. The drop in demand for HVAC replacements and repairs frees up many contractors, making it possible for AC installers to offer deals. 

The same trend comes about during the winter months. Between September and November, we experience mild temperatures that reduce the need for air conditioning and heating, followed by a drop in AC and furnace sales. Consumers can leverage deals occasioned by a fall in AC and furnace demand during the autumn and spring months.

Conclusion – Best Time to Replace Central Air Conditioner

In many cases, when you’re installing a new AC, the final price of the installation job has less to do with the cost of the AC unit and more to do with the contractor’s availability (demand for their services). During the slow season, AC contractors are more willing to offer a deal to keep their installers busy in readiness for the summer and winter months.