The heating system in your home works tirelessly to keep your home warm and comfortable. Here are some of the best ways to increase furnace efficiency in your home and enjoy lower utility bills and a properly heated home.

1. Change The Direction Of The Ceiling Fans

Hot air rises. That’s why you need to use a ceiling fan to circulate warm air inside the room. Make sure the fan is spinning clockwise and use the lowest setting to get the warm air back to the ground.

2. Clear Vents

Any airflow restrictions to other rooms in your home will stress the furnace leading to lesser efficiency. Check every vent in your home and the registers to make sure they are not blocked by furniture or window coverings. Clean the dust and debris to improve your furnace’s efficiency.

3. Smart Thermostat

When you lower the temperature in your home when you are not present, you can enjoy a lot of savings during the winter season. With a smart thermostat, it’s easy to adjust the indoor temperature. For instance, you can lower it when everyone leaves the house and increase right before getting home.

4. Change The Filters

You need the check the filters every month and replace them as required. A clogged filter will restrict airflow forcing the furnace to work harder. Eventually, it will overheat and break down and that will be very costly to repair or replace. A clogged filter will also reduce indoor air quality thus causing more irritations to people with breathing issues.

5. Regular Maintenance

You need to schedule a yearly tune up for your furnace. Here, a professional will inspect the furnace and clean the key areas as well as address any issues present. It’s a good way to extend the lifespan of your furnace and enjoy the peace of mind of a warmer home.

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